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Alternative Energy Sources For Homes

Alternative Energy Sources For Homes

In this article I am going to reveal the top 3 Alternative energy sources for homes. Each and every one of us can do our bit to help save the environment so the following energy saving applications can be be considered by the home owner who is looking to reduce their energy spending and to help save the planet at the same time.

Using solar panels to produce electricity is probably the most common form of alternative energy that people are using at the moment. These panels produce small amounts of DC electricity which is normally stored up in special battery packs for later use. DC to AC inverters are used to change the battery power into useable domestic electricity. This system can be quite costly as the expensive price of the batteries and inverters are often not taken into account when calculating the price of installing the panels.

The second most popular of the Alternative Energy Sources For Homes is wind power. You can get your own wind turbine installed either on top of your building or as a stand alone tower. These turbines generate electricity like windmills and have a set up very similar to that of the solar panels. The wind turbine will produce DC electricity periodically but not constantly so the energy needs to be stored in batteries and then converted into AC current for domestic use.
The final and most overlooked alternative energy source is the use of panels to heat water. We all use hot water and the amount of energy we use to do that can be immense. Some have their water heated by electricity and others by gas, oil or coal fired furnaces. When you install a solar panel that heats water you will be making quite a huge saving on your energy bills. These panels only heat the water, they will not generate electricity but with the latest advances in the technology with just a bare minimum of light these panels will continue to heat up giant tanks of water. The hot water that comes out for your use is not what has been heated up on the tank but it is water that has passed through a spiral of copper piping running through that tank of boiling hot water. This provides for hot water seemingly without limits for most of the year around. They heat up the water even on rainy days. The only time they do not heat the water is at night or when it is foggy or misty and the suns radiation is blocked.

Of these three energy sources the solar panels to produce electricity are probably the most expensive and complicated to install. It may take many years to amortize your investment on these. The wind power is similar but as it generates less electricity it also takes a while to pay for itself. Depending on how much you spend on heating your water then the water heating solar panels are often the most effective with a smaller outlay and a great saving. So of the three main alternative energy sources for homes my personal recommendation is the water heating solar panel.

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