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How Does Alternative Energy Work?

To answer the question how does alternative energy work we have to establish what we really mean when we say alternative energy. I think what most people consider to be alternative energy is any sort of energy that is renewable and that doesn’t rely at all on the planet’s limited resources.

There are many types of energy that we have become accustomed to using as a civilization. Now, maybe a little too late, we are just beginning to look into alternative way to provide that energy without damaging our environment. The main energy we use is electricity which up until recently has been generated mostly by coal fired generators. These obviously rely on a world resource that is limited which will one day run out and on top of that the generation process produces copious amounts of noxious gases further endangering the planet. It is time to think about other ways to provide this energy so we really do need to discover how does alternative energy work for us.

So what are the most common types o alternative energy?
The most obvious source of energy that we can use without depleting it is of course the sun. From the sun we can produce electricity and we can capture and amplify its heat for our water. A lot of countries now are investing in large fields of solar panels to supply the national grid. Governments are giving incentives to farmers and land owners who are installing solar farms in many places. The electricity generated is directed straight to the local electric companies who use it to supplement their supply which means that we are still reliant on the traditional electricity generating methods for the most part of the energy we use.

Some home owners have taken the incentive to install solar panels on their property but just as with the electric companies themselves they usually are unable to generate enough energy to completely sustain themselves and have to rely on electricity from the grid as well.

So how does alternative energy work with other sources of energy? Other forms of generating electricity are by using the elements, the wind, the water, and the tides. Wind farms consisting of large wind turbines are cropping up all over the countryside which can produce enough electricity for a small village. The sheer number of these is definitely going to make a dent in the amount of electricity that is generated using renewable sources.

An other major form of electricity generation has been with us for a long time is of course hydro electric systems where dams are built to be able to harness the power of the water. This system does have an impact on the environment but is not as destructive as other methods of energy creation.

When we ask ourselves how does alternative energy work it seems like the trick to really making it work for us is to concentrate on developing more efficient ways to use the electricity and energy that we do produce.

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